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Schiller Park Charter Bus

Schiller Park Charter Bus

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The next time you need a Schiller Park charter bus to get you to your destination safely and in style, let 123 Charter bus help. Our company owners have over 32 years of combined experience working in the charter bus industry.

Our knowledge of the Chicagoland area helps us navigate the best route for your trip, so you remove added stresses for your next group outing.

It is also why we include in PA systems, luggage space, Wi-Fi (upon request), and other audiovisual equipment on our buses. We want to give you the best amenities to help your group enjoy the commute as well as the destination.

The combination of great drivers and quality eco-friendly buses worked nicely for our passengers over the past decade. It is the reason over 50,000 happy customers joined us on trips throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond.


Here are a few services our Schiller Park shuttle buses offer:

Why take a Schiller Park coach bus rental?

Schiller Park has almost 12,000 residents. The eastern suburbs’ neighbors include larger cities like home of Charter 123, Des Plains, Rosemont, Norridge, and Elk Grove Village.

Despite their smaller size, Schiller Park has many places you can go and events you can join.

The Village of Schiller Park welcomes visitors to their wonderful community and hopes you have a great stay in the Chicagoland area. Schiller Park has a nice selection of accommodations, restaurants, recreation facilities, and parks that you can enjoy while you are here. Schiller Park is at the hub of transportation options for the Chicago region, making it an ideal place from which to base yourself while you explore everything the area has to offer.


Local options include the wonderful Anna Montana Water Park and Memorial Pool, and the Village fitness center and gym located at the Edward E. Bluthardt Recreation Center. Both have reasonable visitor rates and convenient hours, and they are located right here in Schiller Park. Nearby attractions include the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center and Brookfield Zoo.

Schiller Park is also right next door to some of the Cook County Forest Preserve District’s beautiful outdoor areas, which are a great location for all kinds of recreational activities such as picnicking, bike riding, and others.

Do you need a Schiller Park coach bus?

Is your group looking to go to Schiller Park for their next trip? How can we help you get there safely and in style? Our drivers lead groups to the area on a regular basis.

Call us at 312-626-2220 today when you need a Schiller Park Charter Bus to get you to your upcoming trip.

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Why Charter Buses?

For groups that want to travel together, chartering a bus for the morning, afternoon, evening, or the entire day is the best solution. Worrying about parking and parking fees is not an issue when you hire a chauffeured bus service to take you to your desired destinations. Experienced drivers know how to maneuver around any city, getting you from point to point with ease allowing you to plan a full itinerary for site seeing.

Contact us or request a quote and see why we are Chicago’s preferred charter bus company.